Saturday, July 09, 2005

^You Know You Play Animal Crossin Too Much When...^ think your bills are your house ratings.
...everyone you talk to is an animal. bury your belongings, and expect there to be better stuff when you return. urge fellow soldiers to rearrange their gear, because it'll give them better house ratings. think you can grow peaches and apples in the middle of winter. take a leaf from your tree and toss it in your house, hoping a couch or something will appear. beg other people for their bells. start seeing your neighbors as animals like monkeys, sheep, and squirrels. expect animals to give you odd jobs and cash, gifts for doing them. accidently call the clerk at the furniture store Tom Nook. accidently call the museum curator Blathers. swing an axe at someone and think it can't hurt them.
...every holiday you expect to get a new piece of furniture. use the big head cheat in every game because you think it makes them look normal. think that animals will put on clothes you give them.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

You Know You Play Zelda Too Much When... make funny grunting noises before hitting someone. open a present and sing,"do-do-do-do". can carry an entire coversation with someone without actually saying anything. have EVERY zelda song downloaded and saved on your computer. plunk out ocarina songs everytime you see a piano. drink milk out of bottles that you just kept bugs in. dye your hair blonde and get a cheesy hat. talk to the The huge tree in you back yard. roll on the ground and say it makes you go faster. carry everything above your head. jump off of a roof holding a chicken, expecting it to fly to slowly over to the next house. play Epona's Song on an Ocarina in front of a cow to try to get milk from it. jump out of a tree with a leaf expecting to glide safely to the ground but break your leg. have an orcania.
... you think your hat can talk to you. use a sword to cut grass instead of a lawnmower. talk to boats.

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You Know You Play Smash Bros. Too Much When... think you can jump more than once. think you can throw someone further when they are injured. KNEE OF DEATH your friends in the balls.
... you attempt to use an umbrella to immitate Peach's Up+B. expect stuff to mysteriously appear beside you. think Hitting someone with a bat will knock them away and make them explode in a coloured flame. eat the entire thanksgiving meal and wonder why you don't feel healthier. buy a gun to shoot people with, because the bullets didn't seem to hurt very much in the game. refuse to eat tomatoes unless they have an M spraypainted on the side. do a jumping uppercut on some random dude walking by to get some coins for the soda machine. never hold up your arms to block yourself from hits for too long, because you might break your shield. wonder why theres no floating platforms nearby, then excleim, OOOH, we're on final destination. can jump a full grown man easily. Think you will come back on a platform when you die. start fighting white gloves.
...someone punches you, you say "Ow! you did 8% with that!" pick up a flower and start trying to breathe fire. grab a green box and wonder why you're not made of metal. hold your breath to gain multiple jumps. try to get a star, thinking you'll be invincible. take a hammer out of your tool chest and start running and swinging it around. can't imagine how jumping off your roof would hurt you at all. slice off your friends hand with a sword and wonder why he's bleeding. jump onto an oncoming car and wonder why you broke your legs. hit people with a bat, thinking they'll fly into the clouds. see someone's hand with a white glove on it and start beating the crap out of it. throw red and white balls at people hoping for a rainbow bird to come out and drill your enemies into the ground with fire.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

You Know You Play Resident Evil 4 Too Much When... think someone can only be killed with a shot to the head. kill everyone that speaks spanish. hear a chainsaw, and you rush off to get your shotgun. start moving and thinking in "2nd person" view (over the shoulder). start yelling things like "Ahi esta", "¬°te voy a matar!" and "¬°agarrenlo!" at other people. are about to give something to someone and tell him/her/them "Ive got something for you guys." say "What are ya selliing?" when buying something at 7-11. say "He He He, thank you stranger," when you get your change. say "What are you buyin'?" at your garage sale. kick open every door you come to. find yoursel doing quick 180 turns all the timeto see if anyone is behind you. carry a dagger around just incase. pull out you knife just to break windows. think that an aerosol canister can heal you...completely. dive head first in windows. start seeing red dots floating around peoples heads. think the president actual has a semi attractive daughter.
...When you try to prove you could survive an axe to the face.
... you press L & R to do everything in your life. see a stranger in your yard, you yell "Un forastero" and chase after them with a pitchfork. kick people in the face while they hug you. knock down every ladder you come too. think that a sample always contains a plaga. expect to jump into the blades of a helicopter and not die. expect the presidents daughter to give you overtime if you save her.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

You Know You Play Forza Too Much When...

...your right foot is always pushed into the floor.
...destroying GT4 becomes your only reason to live. train an imaginary friend to do all your work, then he ends up screwing you by taking 90% of what ever you would've gained. try to follow lines on the ground. start crashing every corvette of the road just to get in front of him. put little decals together on your car realizing that you can actually make one big decal with one big custom piece. try to jam on the E-brake in your Civic and pull off an awesome drift around the corner up the street from your house start using decals on your real car, realizing you could of simply pay someone to do it.
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Thursday, June 09, 2005

You Know You Play GTA Too Much When... beat up every prostitute you meet.'re getting chased by cops and try to get a new paint job. walk up to random people saying "Yo, you ready to roll?" go to a mexican party with your honda and ask if you can be in the low rider hoping.
...your about to make a topic posting your second all nighter. think you can fall off of building and be protected by a bullet proof vest. try the shooting cell-phone glitch on some random passerby. try driving fast then not caring about the road thinking if you get hit you will just mess the front of the car up. pull up to your job and dive out of the car and send it flying because you don't think you need it anymore since you got where you needed to be. starting picking up payphones and see if anyones on the other line with a mission for you.

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You Know Yoy Play Morrowind Too Much When... don't think you can hurt someone with your fists unless they are on the ground. move your hands while saying wooosh, and expect to fall slowly as a feather. know exactly where every small town is. make very long short stories about it (like Fargoth). name you're cat "Neverine." steal from your parents and neighbours.
...Claim your shed is a deadric ruin. call your cat a kajit.
...youcall a lizard an argonian.
...youtry to purchace moon sugar in your local supermarket. ask at the infomation hut the location of the nearest theves guild.
... youtaunt a person untill they attack you then kill them and expect no problems from police. try to summon a golden saint, fail and blame it on your low conjuration skills. try to barter at every a black person a foriners outlanders. try to make a rising force potion out of common household items. jump everywhere and explain it's to raise your acrobatic skills.
...youspend hours trying to enchant a ring and blame it on your low enchant skills.
...crosshairs appear in your field of vision.fix something by hitting it with a hammer. think rats are the size of wolverines. murder 10 people, so you can put the evidence in their pockets and sleep for three days. go to a tomb and expect to have the undead attack you. spend several days to walk across a country and then expect to recall back. kill someone and ask the thieves guild to remove the price. kill someone and expect a guard to just talk to you about it. kill someone and give a cop a piece of paper saying that you could. speak only in keywords. think the local gang is the dark brotherhood. challenge the pope to a duel so you can become Patriarch of the Temple.

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You Know You Play Halo 2 Too Much When... crouch and you think no one knows you're there. shoot someone with a sniper rifle and expect them to survive the first bullet. aim for people while in your car. frantically move your thumb in order to try and car-jack an elderly women.
...a man takes you hostage and threatens you with a syring (needle), you say "Pfff you can't do **** with needlers."
...your friend gets up to go to the bathroom and you run over to his seat and say "territory controlled." take a crap and you yell "Bomb armed, bomb planted". run into the middle of a highway and hijack a oncoming jeep. hit someone in the back of the head, and are suprised when they dont die. try to crouch jump. try to stick a car with a rock.
...someone dies, you teabag them and say "pizzoned no0ber!" trash talk your opponents, then are suprised when you get your face smashed.
... you go on a quest for food nipples. go to your local store and complain that you have to use the stairs since they don't have air jets. have the halo theme song on your ipod.
... you say Jesus was respawned instead of resurrected.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You Know You Play Phantom Dust Too Much When... grab a basketball and assume it's a skill. wear skin-tight snake skin pants. are walking around and you start locking on to people. yell Optical Camo and think your invisible. throw a snowball and expect it to freeze the person's skill buttons. clench your fists and scream "raaaaarrgh", then expect to do more damage with your punches. make friends... out of dust-bunnies. shoot your friends, and then try to wake them up. try to destroy concrete by jumping off the roof. take a pixie stik and smash it to the ground, hoping skills will pop up.
...someone throws a rock or tries punching you and you wave your hand trying to cast flash barrier. forget everything if spend too much time outside. go outside at least 30 times a day trying to get a super-rare skill. jump into a dust devil (those little bitty tornadoes you see in paking lots when its windy) expecting to fly up 30 feet. say that you were made from Edgar.

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